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Forty years ago, US Summit Company recognized that one byproduct of rapidly developing nations is population growth and increased demand for safe, high- quality products for babies. Through dedication and foresight, what started as a modest Malaysian baby company evolved into a superbrand. Today, the brand is a household name throughout ASEAN markets.

The company developed a comprehensive marketing and sales program. Our multi-pronged strategy aimed to penetrate ethical, OTC and retail outlets by deploying highly trained Product Ambassadors at the points of sale. By speaking to the mother through an authentic voice, a brand that mothers could trust was born. Our understanding of local tastes and customs contributed to the brand’s marketing success. A simple business selling baby powder, baby bottles and diapers soon grew into the go-to brand for all young mothers.

Today, the brand has matured, and its product line includes a variety of family care products, with distribution in nine countries and counting. U.S. Summit continues to drive growth and sales of the brand through new channels of distribution and aggressive digital marketing tailored to local consumer behavior trends.