LASIK Eye Surgery

As specialists in the frontline of tomorrow’s Asian markets today, U.S. Summit Company identified a revolutionary laser-based eye surgery technology to correct myopia. We shepherded this technology through the local approval process, provided capital per our principal’s wishes, structured Chinese co-venture partnerships and assembled a first-rate team of service technicians. Within a few years, U.S. Summit Company was the largest operator of PRK/LASIK clinics in China.

How? In the early 1980’s, laser eye surgery was an emerging technology sector—even in the United States. U.S. Summit Company immediately understood the tremendous financial potential in China, which has a particularly high rate of myopia as well as the world’s largest population. Working closely with the Ministry of Public Health and the equipment manufacturer in providing the necessary clinical data and conducting required local trials, U.S. Summit Company was able to obtain approval for the excimer lasers in China in record time. When it became obvious that the public Chinese hospitals lacked the funds to obtain the proper equipment, U.S. Summit Company approached the laser producer with the idea of opening clinics in a joint venture partnership, was allowed and encouraged to do so, and within a decade, U.S. Summit Company was the largest operator of PRK/LASIK clinics throughout China.