Specialty Chemicals

Summit Chemical chemicalsThailand
Summit Chemical Company Ltd. (SCC) was the natural choice when a world leader in specialty chemicals sought to expand into Thailand. Working closely with management in coordinating sales, marketing, distribution and finance, SCC has helped the principal’s products become highly sought after among manufacturers of high end beauty care products in Thailand.

SCC immediately understood the objectives and sensibilities of the American multinational principal: to take a sound, disciplined and long-term view to building a thriving market in Thailand. The principal recognized SCC’s unique qualities as Venture Merchants with a history of success in building new markets for new products in Asia.

SCC works intimately with management to review new products, review sales and marketing programs and establish sales targets. In addition to providing top-drawer product distribution, SCC provides the principal with local R&D support, product development support and customer training in Thailand.

Today, the principal enjoys highly-favorable market awareness and is the leader in silicone additives. SCC continues to drive success for the principal in Thailand and together the companies are exploring new products and new markets within Southeast Asia.