Our Scope of Services

11_Warehouse-01 HKFrom exclusive agent to advisor and partner, U.S. Summit Company’s spectrum of services includes managing all aspects of both the vertical and the horizontal supply and distribution chain.  Examples include:

1.  Supply and Distribution Chain Logistics
Seamlessly executing each logistic associated with increasingly complex, international, door-to-door supply and distribution of goods and services.

2.  Manufacturing
Oversight of local third party manufacturer, selection and management of licensee manufacturing or manufacturing ourselves.

3.  Government Regulatory Authorities
Managing all aspects of frequently complex local and national Asian governmental regulatory, registration and quality control processes.

Scope of Service Summit Chemical chemists

4.  Spot-on Targeted Sales and Marketing
Our expertise in developing and putting into effect award-winning international sales and marketing programs for clients, or simply trusted oversight of existing sales and marketing programs, assures our clients and principals efficient sales, continued re-orders and solid market share.

5. Brand Management
We purposefully nurture and protect our client’s individual brands and their portfolio of brands, to build tomorrow’s leaders today.

For every client, product and service, the key first step is research. We conduct an informed study to assess the prospects and potential for success of a given product in the targeted markets.

Capitalizing on our 60 years of experience and knowledge within the Asian marketplace, we work with our international offices to identify, monitor and analyze the competitive playing field. We research and review national and local regulations affecting product promotion and distribution. We identify the most efficient means for market entry, and recommend and implement a targeted, high-impact, high-profit sales and marketing plan.

This unique combination of an international worldview and intimate local knowledge allows U.S. Summit Company to create a dynamic and effective business for our clients, leading to success for them in the Asian marketplace.

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