Q and A

Q: Where is U.S. Summit Company located?

A: Our head office is in New York. We have approximately 1,000 employees in Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.  We also maintain affiliate associations in Korea and the Philippines. Depending upon the situation, initial inquiries and contacts are handled by New York headquarters or by our local offices.

Q: What is the profile of a typical U.S. Summit Company client? Do you have minimum requirements for size of company and depth of product lines?

A: As Venture Merchants, we specialize in probing the frontline of tomorrow’s Asian markets today.  Since our focus is building markets and creating wealth for our partners, we do not restrict ourselves to any one class of principals. We are interested in opportunities, not titles. Our broad range of business, our scope of services and our case studies are proof of our flexible approach.  We work with small start-ups, large, established multi-national corporations, and everything in between.

Our focus is on great ideas and quality products, and on the working rapport with each principal. We have no minimums per se and every undertaking is structured according to our client’s requirements and needs.

Q: On what industries does U.S. Summit focus?

A: Consistent success and flexibility in our approach has afforded us extensive experience and familiarity with a broad range of businesses, such as: oil refining and petroleum products distribution, specialty chemicals, hospital and consumer health care products and services, ethical pharmaceuticals and OTC products, diagnostics, infant and children’s products, consumer packaged goods and foods, educational assessment technologies for learning and teaching, multi-platform professional sports marketing and licensing, and golf club ownership and management.

Our intimate knowledge of local markets and our ability to network quickly in each market allows us to handle a wide variety of products and services efficiently and profitably.

Q: What do we need to do to take advantage of the great opportunity of sales and marketing in Asia through the unique resources of U.S. Summit Company?

A: Fill out the form HERE and we will contact you as soon as possible.