Who We Are


We at U.S. Summit Company L.P. are Venture Merchants. We operate at the frontline of tomorrow’s Asian markets today. For more than 60 years, we have led the way as advisor, partner and exclusive agent for clients – always One Step Ahead in the development, marketing and sales of their goods and services in the Far East – delivering advantageous opportunities, sound judgments and positive results in the greater Asian marketplace.

Deeply immersed in a market with an estimated population of nearly 1.8 billion and a combined GDP of $2.3 trillion, U.S. Summit Company is the Venture Merchant you should use to identify, develop and profitably participate in nascent industries in Asia.

As a privately-held firm engaged in global commerce, our principals benefit from our long-term perspective on building profitable markets, our unique range of experience and our unequaled knowledge of how to prosperously conduct business in Asia.

U.S. Summit Company currently employs approximately 1,000 professionals, operating out of its head office in New York and branch offices and/or subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Managed and staffed by highly-experienced local nationals, our offices promote, sell and deliver proprietary products manufactured by our principals to those markets.

Our horizons are long-term, our focus is on service, our goals are building sales and profits. Over the years, our flexible, entrepreneurial approach has afforded us extensive experience and familiarity with a broad range of businesses. Examples include:

1. Oil Refining and Petroleum Products DistributionWho We Are Ppls choice
2. Specialty Chemicals
3. Hospital and Consumer Healthcare Products and Services
4. Ethical Pharmaceuticals and OTC Products
5. Diagnostics
6. Children’s Products
7. Consumer Packaged Goods and Foods
8. Educational Assessment Technologies for Learning and Teaching
9. Multi-Platform Professional Sports Marketing and Licensing
10. Adult Care Products